About Layaway

I'll be using PayPal invoicing for layaways. There is an option that will let me offer invoice partial payments, and I hope it will work out well for everyone!

Basically, you will get a link to the invoice in an email. You can click the link to pay and/or view the invoice, which will update itself whenever you make a payment. This way, you can make payments when you want, and only need to keep track of one email/link. I will send a reminder monthly when each layaway payment is due, but you're welcome to pay off the layaway early.

If you're choosing to pay with a layaway, please make sure the email address you give at checkout is one that you check regularly, as that will be the address I send your invoice to. This does NOT need to be your PayPal address.

Layaway is available for all orders over $100. If you choose a layaway option on smaller orders, I will send you an invoice for the full amount with no layaway.

*** Please note, your order will only ship after everything is paid in full. ***


During checkout, you will see 3 options for layaway in the "Payment Methods" section.

  • 2 Payments: Total is divided in 2 parts. Make first payment now, final payment in one month.
  • 3 Payments: Total is divided in 3 parts. Make first payment now, 2nd payment in one month, final payment in two months.
  • 4 Payments: Total is divided in 4 parts. Make first payment now, 2nd payment in one month, 3rd payment in two months, final payment in three months.

The Invoice

After your order is completed, I'll send you a PayPal email that links to the invoice for your layaway. You can use this one link to check how much you have paid, remaining amount due, monthly payment due dates, and of course to make your payments.


Sample invoice email


The invoice will show the total for your order, broken into the number of payments you chose, and the dates those payments will be due. The invoice is automatically updated whenever you make a payment. After you make a payment, the amount you have paid so far and the remaining amount due will also appear on the invoice.


Sample layaway invoice


There is a "minimum amount" listed on the invoice. This is the calculated amount for each layaway payment. Every time you make a payment, you can choose to fully pay off the layaway, make the minimum payment, or pay any amount you choose (your first payment must be at least the minimum amount due).


Sample invoice payment options



The first payment is due within 48 hours of receipt of the invoice, and then payments must be made at least once per month and paid in full by the final due date listed on the invoice. If you have any trouble making the payment due dates, please let me know ASAP and we can work something out. If you don't contact me, and fail to make a payment at least once a month, your order will be cancelled.

Please note, the first layaway payment is non-refundable. If your order is cancelled, I will refund all payments except for the first installment (downpayment).