About Summerbird BJD Studio

Hi there! My name is Jess. I go by the handle 'mokarran' in a lot of places, so you can call me that too.

I started collecting ball-jointed dolls in 2008, and began doing faceups for my dolls soon after that. After a few years of practice, I started offering commissions under the name 'Summerbird Aesthetics', and the name stuck!

In recent years I have fallen in love with modifying and crafting unique items for dolls, and even started my quest to sculpt my own doll. In 2016, I made a YouTube channel to document some of my projects and encourage other people to try more doll customization projects too!

I made the Summerbird BJD Studio website to not only sell some of my handicrafts, but also to act as a blog and central place to find me across all my different social media sites. I hope to have new, unique and interesting items for sale, and regularly update the blog with new how-to videos and other behind-the-scenes content!

I wouldn't be here without your encouragement and support. Thank you so much!! ♥