Commission Info

I’ve been in the BJD hobby doing faceups and other painting since 2008. I started taking commissions in 2009, and have had many happy customers! I took a bit of a break from the hobby a few years ago, but now I’m back and excited to offer my services again! Please take a look at my work and see if you think my style is a good fit for you :)


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Commissions are currently: CLOSED

General Info

I accept commissions for faceups, body blushing, fantasy part painting, manicures, and minor modifications (such as adding/removing elf ears, sanding off sculpted eyebrows, adding long fingernails/claws, etc.)

I do not currently take commissions for dyeing or other intensive modifications.

In addition to traditional faceup commissions, I decided to offer a slightly lower price for “artist’s choice” style faceups, where the owner lets me create a faceup for their doll from my own imagination, without detailed instructions.

I won’t copy other artists’ or company faceups, or work on top of existing faceups. I don’t do scar or gore modifications, or any heavy modding. At this time I can’t do drilling for permanent piercings, but I can do glued piercings.

**I don’t work on recasts**


Vallejo Premium Matte Varnish (airbrushed) is my sealant of choice.
*If requested, I also have MSC & Volks ZM spray. Please keep in mind that it will take me longer to finish your commission if you request these, since they are weather-sensitive.*

Sennelier & Schminke Soft Pastels
Liquitex Acrylic Paints
Faber-Castell Watercolor Pencils
Pearl-Ex Powders
Tamiya & Liquitex Gloss

Aves Apoxie Sculpt
Volks ZM Ceramic Knife & X-Acto Blades
Various sandpapers, files, bevelers, and other abrasives
Winsor & Netown Brush Cleaner for faceup removal


Faceup (all sizes): $45 artist’s choice, $60 custom
All faceups come with premium eyelashes. If you do not want me to apply eyelashes, you can request it. Also, if your doll has a plastic face protector, please include it, as I don’t currently have any available.
Faceup Removal: $10

Resin matching for heads (all sizes): $20
*I use airbrushed acrylic paints for resin matching (unless pastels-only is requested). This sometimes results in slightly more “textured” looking skin. I do my best to make the head color look as even and smooth as possible. Please send along a piece or two of the resin you want me to match the head to*

Manicure/Pedicure: $15 per pair of hands or feet
Full Body Blushing: $25 (up to 30cm), $40 (30-50cm), $55 (50cm+)
Fantasy/Anthro/Parts Blushing or Painting: Varies, please contact me with details and I’ll let you know
Tattoos or extensive freckles: Costs extra depending on size/complexity, please contact me with details

Simple subtractive mods (light sanding, minor shaping): ~$20
Additive mods: ~$30
Glue-on Piercings: ~$10 each
*All modifications might vary in price depending on the size/complexity of the mod. Please contact me with details and I’ll let you know if I can do it, and give you a more accurate price.*

The Process

If you're interested in commissioning me for aesthetics services, please contact me either through the contact form on the website, or by sending me an email, PM on Den of Angels, or a direct message on social media. Let me know what kind of commission you're interested in.

If I'm able to take your commission, I'll send you a link to my commission form that you can fill out with all the details. I'll get back to you with a total price estimate (not including shipping) and how long I think it should take.

  • Maximum of 2 commissions at a time, please. This could mean 2 faceups, a faceup + body blushing, modification + faceup, etc.
  • Please have all dolls/parts in your possession when you request a commission.
  • I reserve the right to ask for proof of doll authenticity, and also to decline any commission request that I'm not comfortable with.

Turnaround Time

Faceups should take around 2-3 weeks to complete, depending on factors like the weather and my workload. Body blushing/painting and modifications may take anywhere from 2 weeks to over a month, depending on the size and type of the project. I will let you know in my reply how long I think it will take.

**If something comes up and I can’t complete your commission in the quoted time, I will send you a message ASAP letting you know.**

Progress Photos & Making Changes

For custom faceups, I will send a progress picture once when I am finished blocking out major elements with pastels (shape of eyebrows, blush, etc.) and once before I give the face a final seal. I can modify major shapes only at the first stage. I can make additions (making things bigger/darker) at either stage.

For artist’s choice faceups, I will send a photo before the final seal and can make additions only (i.e. I can’t erase anything, but I can make things bigger/darker).

If the finished faceup I create is completely unsatisfactory, I will redo the faceup ONCE, but you must be more detailed about what you want. (If you ask me to redo an artist’s choice faceup, I will ask that you pay the custom price and give me more details about what you want). If you are still not satisfied with the faceup, I will wipe it and return the head (you pay return shipping).