Website Refresh & Updates

The Summerbird website is finally getting a much-needed update! Please excuse the dust (and repetitive placeholder pictures) as I continue to update and add content.

You might have already seen my posts on Instagram recently, but I'm in the process of returning to social media and being more active online again. And a major part of that is giving the site a face-lift! I've been getting so tired of pink XD

Right now, there are no listings for dolls or parts, as I'm in the process of re-doing their listings and taking shiny new product photos :3

I hope this new site will run faster and smoother for everyone! Please let me know through the contact page or Instagram if you have any issues.

Which brings me to one major change for the "blog" part of the site: I've disabled the comment system. The way Shopify (the webstore software and host) deals with comments is archaic and awful, so I had been using Disqus (a 3rd party comment platform) in the previous version of the site. However, Disqus is a bit difficult to implement, and because I didn't get very many comments with it before, I decided (for now) to not bother and simply disable the comments entirely. If it turns out that's something you all really want, I'll see about re-implementing Disqus in this new version.

I hope everyone enjoys the new site when it's finished! Thank you for sticking around and your continued interest even through my hiatus 💗

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