Thank You for a Successful Start!

The first Summerbird preorder was so much more successful than I had hoped! All 30 Violas sold out in under 2 hours, and 15 of those were sold in the first two minutes! It was definitely a crazy night!!

I want to thank everyone who bought Viola (especially those of you who stayed up late or woke up early, set alarms, or did any other crazy things to order her). I also want to thank everyone who wanted to buy her but couldn't this time around. I'm hoping to do another preorder in 3-4 months once this order has been shipped, and I hope you will be able to catch her next time!

In the next months I'm also hoping to sculpt more dolls (I have ideas for my next new full doll, and I'd like to make more faceplates for the Viola body), as well as get the rest of the shop set up with clothing, eyes, and accessories. I'm also going to be opening up faceup and mod commissions again! I'd like to keep the site busy even when there's not an active preorder going, so please check back often!

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