Updates for September 2017

Sorry for the lack of blog posts, everyone! I'm finding Shopify's blogging platform pretty annoying, actually :/ I need to see if there's some way I can improve it, or possibly integrate a third party option... But in the meantime, here's some news I'd like to share!

Viola Update

I received some great news from the casting company this week! After a bit of a backlog, they finally started work on Viola! You can see the first pictures of her on their workbench below. Currently they're prepping the pieces for moldmaking. Click on the picture for a larger view, and keep an eye on Haru's Flickr account for more pictures of the process as work progresses :3 (I will try to update here, too!)


Harucasting's WIP on Sep 5. by Haru casting, on Flickr


I have to say, I got so excited seeing the wonderful company Viola has on the workbench! Probably more excited than knowing she will be casted soon XD To her left is the amazing "She is a Dragon" by CrowBlackJay, and behind is adorable Fëadoll Cyanée mermaid, Sicktress's lovely Déesse, and *hyperventilates* Mini Bactro by Mewiefish! So many amazing dolls and talented dollmakers, I feel star-struck (and kinda out of my league, hahaha!)

While we wait, I'm busy preparing the packaging, certificates, and little extras for the Viola orders. I want everything to be really special for you guys!

New Items for Sale Soon

I'm preparing some new items for the shop, as well! I've been hard at work sculpting new bases for resin eyes -


Sculpting eye bases


I'm hoping to have two different styles: a more natural-looking one with solid pupils and sculpted iris threading, and a more fancy one with Swarovski crystals and maybe pressed flowers or other fun elements! They'll be available in 10mm through 16mm sizes, with different iris size options. For now, I will only be selling pre-made stock (no custom or made-to-order).

Those who pre-ordered a Full Doll Viola will be getting a random pair of the natural style eyes with their dolls! I hope you all like them ♥


Unoa Chibi wearing flower crown


I'm also working on these flower crowns for Viola-sized (6-7") heads. I will have 4 available of this style, which I think I'm calling "Millefleur", and I'm hoping to make another style soon with a classical opulent feel called "Baroque" with deep red roses and gold & pearl accents :)

The flower crowns are on a wire base, so they will flex slightly to fit different heads. They're made with mulberry paper flowers and leaves, arranged and finished by me.

Starting Work on New Dolls

I have plans for a few new dolls I'd like to make! The first will just be a faceplate for the Viola body, with more of a fantasy feel. I will be really happy if I can finish that by the end of October, but it's extremely uncertain since I don't know how much my day job, and preparations for Viola orders, are going to affect my sculpting time ^^;

The other I have just started working on is a cute little animal, something pretty different from Viola! Those who have seen my stories on Instagram know what I'm talking about ;) I'm very excited about him, I hope he will turn out as adorable as I imagine X3

I also have some plans for larger dolls - a possible curvy 60cm body, and a monstrous thing I still haven't determined the size of yet, hehe. I'm still not sure how I will like working on different scales! I really loved Viola's size, so I hope tiny things won't be too frustrating to make details, and big things won't be too unwieldy to handle.

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