Frequently Asked Viola Questions

I've been getting a few of the same questions asked by a lot of people, so I thought I'd make a blog post! ^^

Q: Will there be another Viola preorder?

A: Yes, I am planning on it, but the date isn't set in stone. I'm hoping around January or February 2018, but it will be sometime after all the dolls from the current order have been sent out, so it will depend on that timing. Also, I'm hoping the next preorder will have an additional faceplate on offer ;)

Q: Can you contact me/put me on a waiting list for the next preorder?

A: If you'd like to be contacted when there's a new preorder, please sign up for the email mailing list at the bottom of this page ^^

Q: Will you be selling any dolls from cancelled orders from the first preorder?

A: Right now, it doesn't look like there will be any cancelled orders. However, if it does happen, I'm planning on selling the cancelled order dolls in a lottery, so that everyone who's interested will have a fair chance. The lottery entry period will probably be a week or so. IF it happens, I will make multiple announcements here, on the email mailing list, and on my social media, so don't worry about missing it IF it happens.

Q: Can I add a faceup/head/other option to my current order?

A: While I can't change the resin color or bust parts for the current order, I did order every doll with a head and heel feet so that I'd have a few extra to sell on the site. If you'd like to add missing head or high heel feet to your order, just send me an email with your order number and I will send you an invoice for the add-on. Prices are +$70 for head (+$80 for tans) and +$20 ($25 for tans) for heel feet.
You can also add a faceup or blushing if you'd like. For convenience, that will be treated as a normal commission, and only require payment once you are satisfied with the final product. Please send me an email with your order number, and I will make a note on your order.

Thank you so much for all of your support through this first preorder! I hope that the rest of the process goes just as smoothly! ♥︎

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