February 2018 Updates

Hello again, everyone! I hope you all had a happy New Year holiday!

I recently finished blushing and painting my cream white Viola, and took some pictures of her to hopefully use on the site (and eventually replace all of those prototype photos!) Here's a little preview ^^

I've been very busy here trying to send out all of the Viola orders from the first Haru shipment, and I'm happy to say that I'm finally all done and the last of those dolls will be shipped to their new owners tomorrow!

I wanted to give an update to those who are still waiting for the dolls they ordered. Thank you all so much for your patience. I have been told that the rest of the dolls should be shipped to me around the end of this month, so I'm still hoping to stick roughly to the timeline I had posted back in December.

Updated Viola Preorder Timeline

  • Late February/Early March - Second (final) shipment of dolls from Haru to me
  • March - Assembly & Packing of second shipment
  • Late March/Early April - All dolls from first Viola preorder shipped from me to you!

It's crazy to think that it would take almost 9 months since the date of the preorder to get all the dolls shipped out... I'm going to have to think hard about what I want to do with preorders in the future. I absolutely want to do more preorders, but I'm going to have to either change the quantity of dolls/number of options I offer, or try a bigger casting company that can handle larger orders. I love Haru and the work he and his team does (it's absolutely impeccable and amazing quality), but he is getting more and more popular now, and more and more busy. The holidays also didn't help with our wait.

I admit, I'm also partially to blame for some of the wait. I hadn't anticipated it would take me so long to do all of the sewing, making eyes, etc. that I needed to do, especially for the Full Doll orders. For future preorders I definitely won't be offering dresses again, with all the trouble they caused me XD Those are definitely a special present for the first preorder only...

So, I have some thinking to do. I'd really appreciate your input too! What would you think if I only did a 15 doll preorder instead of 30 dolls, or only offered one or two resin colors at a time instead of five? Please let me know your ideas, opinions, and suggestions in the comments below! (Remember, you can still comment as a guest! Don't let Disqus scare you <3)

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