Viola Measurements & Fit Guide

Viola is the same height as many MSD sized dolls (40cm), but her clothing size is closer to SD sized (~60cm) dolls. Depending on which bust piece you choose, different kinds of clothing might fit better. I hope the following information will be helpful for you in determining size, and possibly making your own clothes for Viola!

Basic Measurements

Viola Measurements
  1. Height: 40 cm
  2. Head circ.: 6.5 inch
  3. Neck circ.: 7.5 cm
  4. Chest circ.: 18 cm / 22 cm
  5. Shoulder width: 10.5 cm
  6. Shoulder to Elbow: 5.5 cm
  7. Elbow to Wrist: 5.2 cm
  8. Wrist circ.: 4 cm
  9. Waist circ.: 19.5 cm
  10. Hips/Butt circ.: 26 cm
  11. Thigh circ.: 15 cm
  12. Hips to Knee: 10 cm
  13. Knee to Heel: 9.5 cm
  14. Foot (Flat): 5.2 cm

 Eye Size: 12mm are best (some 14mm are possible but a little crowded). Low dome eyes are the best fit.

Wig Size: 6-7 inch

If you need any other measurements for your project, please leave a comment and I'll see what I can do.

Clothing Guide

Shirts and Tops

Which shirts and tops will fit depends on which size bust you are using. 

Pixie (small) bust

Generally, loose and flowy, regular MSD (not slim mini) tops should fit, but be careful with the sleeves! Viola's arms are much thicker than a slim mini's, and a little thicker than regular mini size. Make sure the sleeves are either stretchy or very loose. I have not tested Vollks DearSD/Dollmore Mokashura/Disney 16" Animator size tops or dresses, but they might fit the pixie bust.

Vixen (large) bust

The vixen bust can be a little tricky, but generally smaller SD (Volks SD10/13, Feeple60) tops should fit if they are a cropped style, and don't have a very deep neckline. For example, this Feeple60 size crop top fits her perfectly because it's cut tight and made from a very stretchy fabric.

Photo courtesy gyhm. Viola (left) with vixen bust in Feeple60-sized crop top and skirt.

However, tops made for SD dolls with large busts, or tops that are very low-cut or highly structured like a bra might need some alteration. The tank top below (made for Dollfie Dream) needed its straps shortened.


Viola (vixen bust) wearing an altered DD crop top, SD sized shorts, and Luts MDF heels.

Bottoms, Stockings, and Shoes

Bottoms are a little easier to find, in my opinion. SD-sized shorts, cropped pants, and skirts should all work fine, but be wary of scale. Some fancy pockets, belts, or other details that look in-scale on a SD doll might look huge and out of place on Viola. Also consider the length. A knee-length skirt on a SD could be down to Viola's lower calf, etc. I also found SD-sized stockings can be easily adjusted/shortened at the toes to fit perfectly.

Viola also fits in Dollmore Mokashura size leggings and thigh-high stockings. However the Mokashura full-panty style stockings I tried were a little too short in the leg (I cut them at the thighs to make a pair of thigh-highs and some boyshorts, but you could also cut off some of the foot to make leggings). I'm not sure how well she would fit in pants made for this size that aren't stretchy, but so far all the stretchy things I've tried have fit wonderfully.

Viola (pixie bust) wearing Nine9Style MSD cardigan (it's actually still a little big on her!), wimukt Unoa top (unbuttoned in back), Dollmore Mokashura leggings, and sandals made for "Hopscotch Hill" dolls

Viola's flat feet were made to be about the same size and shape as a Minifee A-Line girl's, so anything that fits a Minifee or Unoa foot should also fit Viola. Her heel feet should fit in most heel shoes for MNF/Narae/Luts Model Delf, except the molded resin shoes made specifically to fit those feet. Tonner 22" American Model doll heels also fit pretty well, but tend to be a little long in the heel area. Also notably, the heel feet will fit in Unoa resin slip-on shoes with varying degrees of success (the best fit are the pointed-toe slip-ons).

I can't wait to see what kinds of clothing you guys find for Viola, especially if you make it yourself! I hope this article was helpful to you!

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