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Social Media Updates ✨

In the meantime, check out my social media to chat, catch up, and find out what I've got planned for Summerbird :D

  • 🎨 Instagram

    + Studio process pictures, small updates, new art ideas... probably some cat videos?

    + Any big website/store announcements will definitely be posted to Instagram too!

    + I'll be trying to post at least twice per week :)

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  • 📺 YouTube

    + Longer edited videos, studio vlogs, and live art streams (and maybe the occasional video game stream too!)

    + Video editing is one big thing I'm trying to get better and more comfortable with.

    + Hoping to put out a new video once a month!

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Because of social media stress and anxiety, these will be the only social sites I'll be using from now on.

Apologies to my followers on Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr etc. Please consider subscribing to the email newsletter if you can't follow me on Instagram or YouTube. Thanks for your understanding!