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Product Details

About Viola

Viola is Summerbird Studio's first doll! She was made with the desire to see more curvy dolls out in the world, and give doll enthusiasts the opportunity to add a little more diversity to their collections.

Viola was sculpted by hand over the course of about 9 months. Because of her hand-crafted nature, she is not 100% perfect and symmetrical. However, I think that this just adds to her charm.

The Viola body is approximately 40cm tall, and made to be in-scale with "slim mini" BJDs such as Unoa and Fairyland Minifee. Heads in this scale should be able to fit well on the Viola body. For more details on hybrid-ability, please see this article.

What's Included

When you purchase a doll body from Summerbird Studio, you will receive the following:

  • Doll Body (assembled), plus any additional selected option parts
  • Doll Pillow Wrap
  • Carrying Bag
  • Certificate of Authenticity, numbered and signed by the artist

Please note the Doll Body does NOT include the headback, which is part of the head. You must purchase the Full Doll if you want a headback.

If you'd like body blushing or a manicure for your Viola body, please >>click here<< to add the desired options to your order.

All dolls are checked and assembled by myself personally before I ship them, and every effort will be made to keep them safe on their journey to you. If your doll incurs any damage in shipping, please contact me as soon as possible.


Viola Measurements


  1. Height: 40 cm
  2. Head circ.: 6.5 inch
  3. Neck circ.: 7.5 cm
  4. Chest circ.: 18 cm / 22 cm
  5. Shoulder width: 10.5 cm
  6. Shoulder to Elbow: 5.5 cm
  7. Elbow to Wrist: 5.2 cm
  8. Wrist circ.: 4 cm
  9. Waist circ.: 19.5 cm
  10. Hips/Butt circ.: 26 cm
  11. Thigh circ.: 15 cm
  12. Hips to Knee: 10 cm
  13. Knee to Heel: 9.5 cm
  14. Foot (Flat): 5.2 cm

 For a size guide of what kinds of clothing will fit Viola, please refer to this article.


Additional Photos

WARNING: Doll nudity ahead!

You can find even more photos of Viola >>here in the gallery<<

Summerbird Viola Body

Summerbird Viola Body

Summerbird Viola Body

Summerbird Viola Body

Note: The Pixie bust (small bust) option comes with an attachable penis part (see picture below). The part is attachable with eye putty or glue. It is NOT MAGNETIC.

Summerbird Viola Body - Attachable Male Part

Summerbird Viola Body

Summerbird Viola Body

Summerbird Viola Body

Summerbird Viola Body

Ordering Info

About Pre-Orders

Pre-order dolls are made especially for you after you order, so they will not be shipped to you right away.

The orders need to be sent to the casting company, then the dolls are made and shipped to me. I must inspect and assemble the dolls, and then they will be shipped to you. So please allow at least 5 months to receive your doll after the pre-order ends.

I will post updates on the order's progress throughout this time, so please check the Recent News section or my social media! You will be notified when your doll is ready to be shipped to you as well.


Layaway is available for all orders over $100. (If you choose a layaway option on smaller orders, I will send you an invoice for the full amount). You can choose between 3 options: 2 payments, 3 payments, or 4 payments.

Please check out the Layaway Info page for all the details on Layaway payments!


I use the US Postal Service for shipping. Available shipping rates are calculated for you during checkout, and you can choose which method you want.

International shipping can be extremely expensive, especially if you want Express (EMS) shipping. I recommend Priority shipping for both US and international customers. It is much less expensive, but still safe and reliable in my experience.

Please note that Summerbird BJD is not responsible for any additional customs charges that might occur with international shipping. If you live in a country that commonly charges customs fees, please anticipate these possible costs when buying a doll.

I do not mark packages as gifts or under-declare the price of items on customs forms.

If you still have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.


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